Florida woman is a person of interest in husband’s disappearance

Access Unlocked Monday March 12, 2018  In Lake County, Florida, Laurie Shaver has been named as a person of interest, in the #AccessUnlocked, Access Unlocked, #LaurieShaver, Laurie Shaver, #MichaelShaver, Michael Shaver, #flordia, flordia, #news, news, #media, media, #politics, #entertainment, #BBC, BBC, #CNN, CNN,disappearance of her husband Michael Shaver.

A friend requested for authorities to perform a health check on Shaver, who has been missing since 2015.

While at the couple’s residence, authorities noticed fresh poured concrete around a fire pit, and requested to search.  After being turned away, police returned with a cadaver dog.   Digging began, uncovering bloody clothing and human remains.

Testing has begun to determine if the body is that of Mr. Shaver.

It 2014 it was reported, Laurie hit Michael in the head with an gun during a domestic dispute.  Mr. Michael who had a weapon as well, was arrested during the incident.

Michael Shaver was not reporting missing until earlier this month.

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