Comedy Corner: El Jay


Comedian El Jay was born in the west side of Chicago the youngest of five (5) children on his mother’s side of the el jayfamily.  He began his comedy career in 1994 at the age of nineteen (19). His first performance was at the famous “All Jokes Aside” in downtown Chicago. Due to his age he was not suppose to be in the club but his manager was able to book him for their Wednesdays’ open mic. He performed for five (5) years strong until he stopped to pursue other passions.  In 2010, he return back to his first love of comedy.

el jayEl Jay realized he was gifted to become a comedian when strangers would laugh at his jokes, whether it would be in line at the movies, Six Flags or even on the “El” (elevated trains in Chicago) people found him to be entertaining.  When his brothers would bring girls home he would perform and they would laugh. El Jay loved comedy so much he would put on a full blown comedy show every other weekend at his friend’s home for hours at a time.

What motivated  El Jay to begin a career in comedy was his mother.  His mother was known in the neighborhood to be a “master” of the dozens.  The neighborhood kids would come to El Jay house just to hear some of the comedy “gold,” his mom spoke.  So the first time El Jay made his mother cry with tears of laughter, he knew it was time to take those steps to succeed in the comedy world.   el jay

Some of his achievements include, hosting Comedy and Concert for Urban Mystic, performing at the world famous Laugh Factory twice in 2014, headlining the Big Belly Buster Extravaganza in Oklahoma (2014) and most recently, his role in a Victory Vision film Texas Voodoo Zombies.  He is also the one of the founders of a weekly online radio show which airs on Tuesdays from 8:00 P.M. – 10:00 P.M. Deep Ellum on


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