Comedy Corner: Comedian Larry Dogg the Triple Threat

Larry Gordon also known as Larry Dogg is a Miami native who is considered a triple threat.  He is a comedian, radio personality and band leader.  The Larry Dogg Band and comedy show continues to pack venues throughout the United States. 

Question:  How did your career begin?

Answer:  My comedy career began in a small bar in Liberty City, which is a Miami neighborhood.  At the bar, I opened up the show for some hip-hop artists and I killed the fuckin crowd.

Question:  How long have you been in the industry?

Larry Dogg and Boxing Great Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Larry Dogg and Boxing Great Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Answer:  I have been in the industry, for seventeen (17) years. I am a veteran in the game.  I have appeared on P Diddy’s Bad Boys of Comedy and B.E.T’s Comic View.

The segment I did for Showtime at Apollo, did not air because I was cussing.  The Apollo incident was definitely a learning experience.  It taught me the importance of clean comedy.

Question:  Is it difficult for you to not use profanity when doing a show?

Answer:  No, it is not.  I have hosted women, church and narcotics anonymous events successfully without cussing.

I have been the host of Flo Rida’s Gospel Explosion, from the very beginning and kept it clean.

Question:  Who is your favorite comedian?

Answer:  Hands down, it is Mike Epps.  He is my mentor and brother.

Question:  When did you realize you were funny?

Answer:  The moment I knew I had the gift to make people laugh, was at an Improv Open Mic.  I told jokes about drugs and Spanish people and the crowd lost their damn minds with laughter.

I spoke about things, other Comedians were not talking about.

It only takes one punch line to catapult you to stardom.

Question:  Which comedian would you say you are similar to?

Answer:  People often say, I remind them of John Witherspoon’s character, Pops.

Question:  What can we expect for Larry Dogg in 2016?

Answer:  I have a distribution deal for my Miami Memorial Weekend Street Dog DVDs.  The DVDs will include raw and unreleased footage.

The majority of my money has been made from the sell of

Question:  What advice do you have for an up and coming artist?

Answer:  Do it from the heart.

If you do it for the money, you are not going to get paid, but if you do it from the heart, the money will come.   Monique told me everything is not about a paycheck.

My phone does not stop ringing with “work,” because I love what I do.

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