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Taylor Swift donates thousands to a LGBTQ group

Access Unlocked Tuesday April 9, 2019 According to reports, Taylor Swift donated $113K to a Tennessee LGBTQ advocacy group. Twenty-nine (29) year-old

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Shooting at Madden tournament leaves 2 people dead and others injured

Access Unlocked Sunday August 26, 2018 Police have identified twenty-four (24) year-old David Katz as the shooter who killed two (2) and

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Body of Jholie Moussa has been found

Access Unlocked Monday January 29, 2018 Fairfax County, VA officials have confirmed the body found in a park on Friday, is Jholie Moussa. The

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Hawaii Five-O actor dies at 49

Access Unlocked Thursday December 1, 2016 After suffering a stroke three (3) days prior to his death, Hawaii Five-O actor Keo Woolford