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Symptoms of Colorectal Cancer

Access Unlocked Saturday March 4, 2017  The month of March is Colorectal Cancer awarness month.  Colorectal Cancer is a form of cancer

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Water and your body

Drinking water filters out toxins in your body, through the release of waste from sweat and urination.  Water helps you think, because

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Possible meningitis outbreak in a cycling studio

Access Unlocked Monday January 16, 2017  It is believed, forty-eight (48) year-old Sevin Philips of California, died from meningococcal meningitis. According to

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Kraft Heinz company recall hundreds of Lunchable

Access Unlocked Thursday October 13, 2016 Allergy risk and mislabeling has caused the Chicago, Illinois based Kraft Heinz to recall nine hundred

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Mumps outbreak in Arkansas

Access Unlocked Tuesday October 11, 2016 Local officials have confirmed more than four hundred (400) people have been infected with the mumps, across

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McDonald’s has removed artificial preservatives from some of their products

Access Unlocked Tuesday August 2, 2016  Illinois based McDonald’s has changed up their menu, by removing artificial preservative from their scrambled eggs,

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Bar S recalls beef and pork products due to Listeria

 Access Unlocked Wednesday July 20, 2016 Oklahoma based Bar-S Foods is recalling more than 372 thousand pounds of hot dogs and corny

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State of Emergency – Florida Beaches smell like sewage and can be dangerous

Access Unlocked Sunday July 3, 2016 – Florida Governor Rick Scott has declared a State of Emergency, due to toxic blue-green algae blooms which can be

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A pill has been approved to treat Hepatitis C

Access Unlocked Wednesday June 29, 2016 The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have approved the sell of  Epclusa, which is a drug


Health News: Foods fighting cancer

Research has shown women who eat the most red meat increase their risk of breast cancer.  Poultry and nuts are a source