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Trader Joe’s recalls meat

Access Unlocked Wednesday August 30, 2017 More than three (3) thousand pounds of chicken sausage, has been recalled by Trader Joe’s. According

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More than 20 million people will lose health care coverage

Access Unlocked Tuesday June 27, 2017  The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has determined the GOP Senate Bill which has been put in

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Wisconsin to drug test for benefits

Access Unlocked Friday May 26, 2017 Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker proposed drug testing for adults who do not have dependents, but

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California single payer health bill cost $400B

Access Unlocked Friday May 26, 2017 On Thursday, the California Senate committee passed an annual $400 billion dollar universal health care plan.

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Medicaid cuts coming this week

Access Unlocked Monday May 22, 2017 According to the Washington Post, Trump will announce major cuts to the medicaid program this week.


Access Unlocked Health News: Diabetes and you

An estimated 24 million Americans have diabetes and some are unaware, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Potential Diabetic problems:

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Symptoms of Colorectal Cancer

Access Unlocked Saturday March 4, 2017  The month of March is Colorectal Cancer awarness month.  Colorectal Cancer is a form of cancer

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Water and your body

Drinking water filters out toxins in your body, through the release of waste from sweat and urination.  Water helps you think, because

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Possible meningitis outbreak in a cycling studio

Access Unlocked Monday January 16, 2017  It is believed, forty-eight (48) year-old Sevin Philips of California, died from meningococcal meningitis. According to

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Kraft Heinz company recall hundreds of Lunchable

Access Unlocked Thursday October 13, 2016 Allergy risk and mislabeling has caused the Chicago, Illinois based Kraft Heinz to recall nine hundred