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Dynasty of DeeJays

DeeJay Dynasty: EDM specialist DJ Hooraa

DJ Hooraa is a versatile and energetic deejay, who resides in Wisconsin.  His deejaying skills were recognized by friends, as he provided

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Dynasty of DeeJays

Dyansty of DeeJays: DJ Giddle Giddle

 DJ Giddle Giddle is a versatile deejay out of Oklahoma now residing in Germany.  He has the ability to rock any type

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Dynasty of DeeJays

Dynasty of DeeJays with DJ Bling

Joseph ”DJ Bling” Thompson has been an integral member of the Austin, Texas music scene since September of 2008. From assisting artists

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Dynasty of DeeJays

Dynasty of DJs with DJ IRS920 the Prince of Appleton, WI

Growing up on a healthy diet of Jazz, Gospel and R&B provided by my father’s record collection, it’s hard for me to

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Dynasty of DeeJays

Dynasty of DeeJays with DJ G-Nice

DJ Affiliations:  Pure Truth and Street Hitta Djs Location:  Ypsilanti, Michigan  Preferred Genre of Music:  Old School New School R&B &Hip Hop

Dynasty of DeeJays

Dynasty of DJs: Big 6

DJ Big 6 was born and raised in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  His first musical experience, took place in church.  While traveling throughout

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Dynasty of DeeJays

Dynasty of Deejays with DJ 3

Derrick Crosby is known in the entertainment world as DJ 3, out of Wichita, Kansas.  He has been in the industry for

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Dynasty of DeeJays

Dynasty of DeeJays Interview with One Structure’s DJ Green

Curtis Westbook is known as One Structure DJ coalition member DJ Green, out of Lincoln, Nebraska.  He can be heard on 89.3

Dynasty of DeeJays

Dynasty of DeeJays: DJ XXL also known as Juggla Vein talks about his new single “Weak Ideas Irritate My Ears”

Who is DJ XXL Access Unlocked – DJ XXL who is also known as Juggla Vein, grew up in Los Angeles, California

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Artist Legend: DR ROCK-RAPPER & DeeJay

Access Unlocked is excited about having the opportunity to interview hip hop and DJ legend Dr. Rock.  He was a member of