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Artist Atmosphere: Leah Jenea

Who is Leah Jenea Leah Jenea is a fifteen (15) year-old  model, rapper, songwriter, actress and singer from New Jersey.  She could

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Artist Legend: J.T. Money talks about new music and his Come Clean Concert Tour

J.T. Money continues to be a fixture in the hip hop community with legendary banger such as Shake What Yo Mama Gave

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Artist Atmosphere: Lexz Pryde talks about her single “Motivate” featuring Snoop Dogg

Who is Lexz Pryde? Lexz Pryde is from Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania and is taking the world by storm.  She was discovered by Michael

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Artist Atmosphere: Rome D’Marco

Who is Rome D’Marco Question:  I have listened to several of your songs and you sound like the hot “gangsta/street” version of

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Artist Atmosphere: Yung Double

Midwest Trap artist Yung Double is scheduled to release his new album DUBFORNIA in the Fall/Winter of 2015.  His sounds will be

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Artist Atmosphere: Texas artist Paul Wall is dropping some new music

09/03/2015 – Access Unlocked had the opportunity to speak one-on-one with Grammy Nominated Texas artist Paul Wall to discuss his new album SLAB GOD

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Artist Atmosphere: Everyone is wondering, who exactly is Monsta Kodi?

Everyone is asking, “who is Monsta Kodi?” Monsta Kodi continues to drop single after single while gaining national attention but not many

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Artist Atmosphere: New York Artist VAIN

Vain is a well-known New York Hip Hop artist who is known for his lyrical skill, outstanding world play and hot stage presence. 

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Artist Atmosphere: Fat Boy Rhymer

AU:  Access Unlocked saw you perform in North Carolina at the Fleet and Nerve DJ Conference and you definitely brought the energy.

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Artist Atmosphere: Tayson

Tayson is an artist from Cincinnati, OH who has taken the music industry by storm. He has twenty-six (26) thousand plays on