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Laurel Griggs who was a Broadway actress has died at 13

Access Unlocked Sunday Novmber 10, 2019 It has been confirmed that thirteen (13) year-old Laurel Griggs, died of a massive asthma attack.


Kevin Hart underwent back surgery following a car crash

Access Unlocked Monday September 2, 2019 Comedian and actor Kevin Hart was riding in the passenger set of his Plymouth Barracuda when


It is now official Jeannie Mai and Jeezy are dating

Access Unlocked Friday August 30, 2020 Earlier this year, photos of The Real co-host Jeannie Mai and rapper Jeezy surfaced, and there


Disney Star Cameron Boyce dead at 20

Access Unlocked Sunday July 7, 2019 Cameron Boyce who was known for his role in the  Disney’s television film Descendants and television

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Artist Atmosphere: HerSoul

HerSoul is a Mississippi native who has a soulful unique voice, known for inspiring others with her lyrics.  Her entertainment career began

Artist Atmosphere

Featured Artist: BLOCC

BLOCC is an artist out of Greenville, MS who is the owner of BLOCC Down Entertainment.  This global artist has hit music


Dog the Bounty Star Beth Chapman has died

Access Unlocked Wednesday June 26, 2019 After being diagnosed with stage 2 throat cancer, Beth Chapman has died. After a successful surgery

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Featured Artist: Boxxa G

After returning from a vacation and reflecting on life, Boxxa G decided to jump in the entertainment industry. This Southern Trap mixed

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Featured Artist: Aakosya

Aakosya (pronounced uh-ko-see-uh) in the Ghanaian culture is the name given for a female born on Sunday.  From the age of three


Celine Dion ends residency in Vegas

Access Unlocked Monday June 10, 2019 After sixteen (16) years of performing in Las Vegas, Nevada, Celine Dion has ended her residency.