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Nissan to cut jobs

Access Unlocked Wednesday July 24, 2019 According to sources, Nissan has announced a 10,000 cut in jobs. The Japanese based company reported

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ESPN Magazine will be no longer

Access Unlocked Wednesday May 1, 2019 In September, ESPN Magazine will cease to exist. ESPN announced subscribers are reading more online, which

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AT&T sells back Hulu

Access Unlocked Tuesday April 16, 2019 After two (2) years, AT&T has sold its 9.5% stake, back to Hulu for $1.43 billion.


T-Mobile will not raise rates if merger is complete

Access Unlocked February 7, 2019 Germany based T-Mobile has announced if their twenty-six (26) billion dollar merger goes through with Sprint, the

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General Mills has flour recall

Access Unlocked Thursday January 24, 2019 As a precaution measure, General Mill is recalling their Gold Medal Unbleached Flour with a better-if-used-by


Verizon to cut jobs

Access Unlocked Thursday January 24, 2019 New York based Verizon Wireless, has announced a seven (7) percent job cut in their media division.

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Amazon to have two locations for 2nd headquarters

Access Unlocked Tuesday November 6, 2018 Amazon who currently has a headquarter in Seattle, Washington is working on finalizing a second headquarter.


Microsoft co-founder has died

Access Unlocked Tuesday October 16, 2018 Paul G. Allen an investor, philanthropist and the co-founder of Microsoft, died yesterday. Allen died at

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Instagram founders to step down

Access Unlocked Tuesday September 26, 2018 Instagram’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kevin Systrom and Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Mike Krieger have announced their


CBS CEO Les Moonves may leave due to sexual harassment

Access Unlocked Thursday September 6, 2018 According to reports, following a month of sexual allegation Les Moonves the CEO of CBS and