Business Woman of the Week: Ms. Carmen of Platinum Voice PR


Ms. Carmen is the founder of Platinum Voice PR, a full-service public relations, marketing and social media boutique headquartered in Chicago, Illinois servicing clients from a multitude of industries from aspiring artists to established brands.

How did Platinum Voice Pr come about?

Platinum Voice PR began about 5 1/2 years ago when I became bored with the traditional 9-5 workload. Growing up in the business and the love for the music industry made me step out on faith with my business. Formerly, I was an AT&T phone operator and sales consultant with tons of experience with the public.   

Sy Yung, Ms. Carmen and Big O

They invested in me to go to continue my education and learn how to effectively communicate with business owners, etc. Of course, I had to take effective public-speaking classes and writing courses to complete my certification.

Also, I must add that DJ Big O, Indianapolis Program Director of Power 104.1 (WYSX) is [actually] the person that said; “ You need to be in PR because I think that you would be great Ms.C!” Our first project was Atlanta Rapper, Sy Yung who appeared in the movie “42”.

I’m so elated that [they] chose me, without them, Platinum Voice PR would not exist.

Who has been your biggest supporter when it comes to your career?

Ms. Carmen and Tony Neal CORE DJ CEO

My biggest supporter, first and foremost, would be me, Ms. Carmen P.

In addition to that, my Mom, Mr. Tony Neal, DJ Lomaxx and my haters! LOL

What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a PR?

*Laughes* Giving advice should be my first name! That came into fruition when I was a little girl! But back to the question, “What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a PR?” If you want to become a PR specialist make sure that you have effective writing and communicating skills, tons of contacts and an awesome personality! You must learn the business! I have found that a lot of individuals want to be in this field and they quickly find out, it’s a lot of work involved.

When times got hard what motivated you to keep going?

When times get hard, my love for the music and my people keep me going. I have a lot of obstacles that I run into daily. With that said; I must stay focused and remain stress-free as much as possible.

Was becoming a PR your dream as a child?  If not, what was your dream and what changed?

As a child, PR wasn’t a figment of my imagination. I wanted to be a singer because my grandfather had a record company here in Chicago, and it was pretty cool being a [little] part of it. I’ve had the experience of traveling to several record companies, watching artists record and being in the Soul Train studios when they were in Chicago.

Carmen as a little girl (Right)

Carmen as a little girl (Right)

Back in the 80’s, I was a vocalist in Chicago, but that dream faded away after my larynx was scratched during a surgical procedure. I don’t know about any other, but my passion for music is real.

Which celebrity would you love to work with if given the opportunity and why?

OMG! I would love to work with Beyonce and Jay-Z, if given the opportunity! They are so focused in this industry, I don’t care about their fame or success.  

What do you believe to be the key in building a success PR firm?

I believe that “credible contacts, consistency and creativity” is the key to building a successful PR firm. In today’s times, there are a lot of PR agencies out there for others to choose from! With that being said;  you have to find your “niche’” in the game and continue to persevere!

Lately in the news there have been several stories of people being beaten by the police, what are your thoughts on America when it come to police brutality?Me

My thoughts on America when it come to police brutality is: It is an act of the new age segment of slavery! The government has us in shackles with debt, entitlements and Corporate America antics. Those who are affected by it, show their emotions by any means necessary. Unfortunately, those with the “badge” get away with it at no cost. I’ve seen that it doesn’t matter about race, creed, color, situation, circumstance or environment, we can all be victims of police brutality.

How is it working with Tony Neal, the founder of the world’s largest DJ organization CORE?

Working for Tony Neal, the founder of the Core DJs-the world’s largest DJ organization, is rewarding; to say the least. With the PR game always changing in this industry, it also has it challenges. I can say Mr. Neal has helped me with a multitude of  things I may not have known including; those contacts that I would have to jump over hurdles to get results. Although, I’m older than he, I look at him like a brother. When I felt overwhelmed in various situations, unlike any other boss, he has always had a listening ear without judgement.  

If you had the opportunity to change one thing in society, what would it be and why?

If I had the opportunity to change one thing in society that would be racism! We have been stricken with this stigma for years! Who created this thing call “Racism” [anyway]?me 2

Although, we are judged by the color of our skin, personally, I don’t look at an individual in that aspect. I try to treat others fair, you know, as I want to be treated. It’s sickening and heartbreaking that we are reverting back to those times. I’m going to keep my game face on and pray that I’m not tested because I’m viewed , in other’s eyes as inferior to their race or races.


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