Retired US Army Gen. Barry McCaffrey says Trump statement was anti-American

Access Unlocked Tuesday February 7, 2017 Eyebrows are being raised after President Dondal Trump appeared on the The O’Reilly Factor, hosted by Bill O’Reilly. During the show, O’Reilly referred to Russian president Vladmir Putin as a “killer” and Trump responded with “There are a lot of #barrymccaffrey, Barry McCaffrey, #AccessUnlocked, #DonaldTrump, Donald Trump, Access Unlocked, #AU, AU, #BillOReilly, Bill O'reilly,killers.” “You think our country’s so innocent?”

Former General Barry McCaffrey told MSNBC, “One could argure that’s the most anti-American statement ever made by the president of the United States.  He also stated, Putin runs a criminal oligarch and imprisons journalists.

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