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Model-In-Motion: DCS model Jaslyn “Jasi” Blake

Height: 5’8 Weight: 135 pounds Age: 22 Jaslyn Blake also known as Jasi was born and raised in Maryland.  She fell in

Dynasty of DeeJays

Dynasty of DeeJays: CORE DJ JROCC Middle of the Map Music Summit

On Saturday July 11, 2015 Core DJ JROCC kicked off his first annual Middle of the Map Music Summit in Oklahoma City.  Entertainers, Models,DeeJays and

Artist Atmosphere

Artist Atmosphere: G. White

Q. What prompted you to get in the music industry? A. I became serious about the craft in my junior year of


Business News: Honda has recalled 4.5 million vehicles

On Thursday July 8, 2015 Honda recalled more than 4.5 million vehicles.  The recall is due to faulty airbags. When an airbag deploys


News Now: Confederate Flag will be no longer in South Carolina

July 9, 2015 – South Carolina House has voted 94-20 to take down the Confederate Flag from the State House.   Governor

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News Now: Following FBI raid Subway cut ties with Jared Fogle

On Tuesday July 7, 2015 Subway suspended their relationship with pitchman Jared Fogle, following an FBI raid on his home.  This comes two (2)

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Celebrity News: In 2005 Bill Cosby admitted to obtaining drugs

07-7-2015 – New information has surfaced in the Bill Cosby rape allegation charges.  Documents show in 2005, Bill Cosby admitted to obtaining


News Now: On the Fourth of July man steals $75K

July 6, 2015 –  Federal authorities continue to investigating the theft of $75 thousand at a Bristow, Virginia Walmart, with occurred Saturday


News Now: Potential shooter. Navy yard on lockdown.

07-02-15 -Washington, D.C.  The Washington  Navy Yard is on locked down.   Officials are investigating a potential shooter. Nothing has been found


Health News: Thyroid symptoms

The thyroid is the largest endocrine gland which sits on the front of the neck. The thyroid controls body sensitivity to other