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News Now: Two (2) people have been killed during a live television interview.

UPDATE August 23, 2015 -It has been reported the shooter was forty-one (41) year-old Vester Lee Flanagan II also known Bryce Williams.

Dynasty of DeeJays

Dynasty of DeeJays: Papa Ron “The Club Reverend”

Ron Miller also referred to as DJ Papa Ron “The Club Reverend” is a nationally known DJ hailing from the streets of

Dynasty of DeeJays

Business Man of the Week: NERVE DJs CEO Johnny O

WHO IS JOHNNY O Business man Johnny O has been a fixture in the entertainment industry for years.  He is based out

Entertainment, Press Release

Press Release: The 7th Annual Coast 2 Coast Convention

The 7th Annual Coast 2 Coast Convention will take place Labor Day Weekend, September 4th through September 7th, in Miami. The 4 day


News Now: Cheaters are being caught, after the Ashley Madison site has been hacked.

On Tuesday August 18, 2015 the cheating website Ashley Madison was hacked.  Over thirty-two (32) million users have been compromised.  It has been reported

Dynasty of DeeJays

Dynasty of DeeJays: DJ SCO of Strong Arm Radio

SCO is a nationally known DJ who resides in Florida.  He has been DJing since the age of twelve (12).  He believes in


News Now: California is in a record breaking drought, again.

August 19, 2015 – For the fourth (4) year the state of California is in a record breaking drought.  Some areas in


News Now: Ohio woman Brittany Pilkington admits to killing her three (3) sons

Ohio-August 18, 2015 – Brittany Pilkington’s son and daughter had only been in her custody for six (6) days before she murdered three

Artist Atmosphere

Artist Atmosphere Exclusive: Waka Flock drops hot new single Workin

On Tuesday August 18, 2015, Wocka Flaka held a conference call to discuss the release of his single Workin.  The single has

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Celebrity, News

Celebrity News: Bill Cosby accused of assault again.

August 13, 2015 – Three (3) additional ladies have accused legendary comedian Bill Cosby of assault.  Two (2) of the ladies are