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Press Secretary Sarah Sanders to step down

Access Unlocked Saturday June 15, 2019 After Donald Trump was elected as President of the United States, he placed Sarah Sanders in

Artist Atmosphere

Featured Artist: Aakosya

Aakosya (pronounced uh-ko-see-uh) in the Ghanaian culture is the name given for a female born on Sunday.  From the age of three


Dallas crane crash leaves one dead

Access Unlocked Sunday June 9, 2019 As heavy winds and rain fell in Dallas, Texas, so did a crane. The crane claimed


Celine Dion ends residency in Vegas

Access Unlocked Monday June 10, 2019 After sixteen (16) years of performing in Las Vegas, Nevada, Celine Dion has ended her residency.


Helicopter crash leaves one dead in New York

Helicopter pilot Tim McCormack died, following a crash landing at 787 Seventh Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. It was raining and cloudy, at


Officer facing charges in Parkland school shooting

By Kaye TheTruth Access Unlocked Wednesday June 6, 2019 On Valentines Day in 2018 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida,

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11 people killed in Virginia Beach shooting

Access Unlocked Friday May 31, 2019 According to reports, a Virginia Beach public utility worker injured six (6) and killed eleven (11)


The Haus of Gaga has been scheduled to open

Access Unlocked Sunday May 26, 2019 Superstar Lady Gaga has scheduled the opening of the Haus of Gaga store, in the Park


Hiker found alive after being missing for 2 weeks

Access Unlocked Sunday May 26, 2019 After being missing since May 8th, thirty-five (35) year-old Amanda Eller has been found. According to reports,


Billionaire to pays off Morehouse 2019 class student loans

Access Unlocked Tuesday May 21, 2019 Over the weekend during Morehouse’s College commencement ceremony, billionaire Robert F. Smith pledged to pay the