Access Unlocked Artist Legend: Young Bleed drops his new single, “Make Um Dance”

OG artist Young Bleed recently sat down with Access Unlocked to discuss the release of his new single “Make Um Dance,” off his album “Living,” which is scheduled to be released in April.  “Making Um Dance” has a Jamaican/Caribbean feel, with an Italian twist.

Would you say your sound changed up with the release of your new single, “Make Um Dance?”

Young Bleed:  My sound did not change up, I’m evolving.  I am a producer and I work with producers throughout the world and I don’t want to be placed in a box.

Who are some of the artists, you are working with on the album?

Young Bleed:  I had the opportunity to work with artists from coast to coast and everyone in between, including Yuck Mouth, Spice 1, C-BO, Mo B.Dick, Big Mike and Rico from Sons of Funk just to name a few. Pimpin Ken can also be heard on the album, giving us some of those isms.

How do you decide which songs, are going to be featured the album?

Young Bleed:  When I select songs to go on to the album, it is always about quality of quantity.  I have a collection of one hundred (100) to two hundred (200) songs which I have already recorded. I get with the Original Crew, to pinpoint which singles to add to the album.  We narrow it down between thirteen (13) and seventeen (17), of the best of the best.

Are you an Independent artist?

Young Bleed:  Yes, I am an Independent artist.  In 2010, I created my own label Trap Door Entertainment.

What future plans, do you have for Trap Door Entertainment?

Young Bleed:  After I drop the album, I will come back with an album compilation, introducing some of the Trap Door Entertainment artists.

Do you have any touring set up?

Young Bleed:  In April, I will begin touring with Chucky Workclothes who is out of Indiana and Mr. Envi out of Louisiana.

Are you planning to drop a clothing line?

Young Bleed:  Yes, be on the lookout for YB clothing.  Of course the YB, stands for Young Bleed.

Where are you supporters able to find you on social media?

Instagram & Twitter @realyoungbleed and Facebook Youngbleed

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