Artist Legend: J.T. Money talks about new music and his Come Clean Concert Tour

J.T. Money continues to be a fixture in the hip hop community with legendary banger such as Shake What Yo Mama Gave You and Who Dat.  His supporters wants more and he continues to do just that, with his new singles Get Yo Money and Grown Folks which have hit the streets hard.jt money 3

Question:  Your new joint Get Yo Money is a banger, a strip club jam.  How would describe the sound and why did you change up your sound? 

Answer:  I never make the same song twice.  I am not stuck in a sound.  I did Get Yo Money to mimicking what these young cats are doing.

A dude made the beat and I liked it.  This will probably be the only song you get from me like that.

Question:  Why do you believe the younger artists, continue to copy each other and will not change up jtmoneytheir music?

Answer: I don’t know.  It maybe easier for them to mimic each other, than to create something new.  Don’t mimic what is already going on, do something different.

Question:  How does it feel to be considered a legend in the game, with supporters still wanting to hear Shake What Your Mama Gave Ya and Who Dat?

Answer:  It is a sign of respect and I appreciate it.  Being a legend is nothing to get cocky and arrogant over, but I did put in some work.  I did what I had to do to influence the game, a little bit.  It’s like my credentials, my bars, my stripes and I earned it.

Question:  What do you contribute your longevity in the game to?

Answer:  My love of creating and performing.  I do good business as well.  I don’t shit where I eat.

Question:  I heard your single Grown Folks and of course it is hot.  It reminds me of a line dance song.  Is that the sound you were going for?

Answer:  Yes, it is a line dance song.  I am trying to get someone to make a dance for it now.  Once I get that, it is going go!

Question:  Overall, how would you describe the new J.T. Money sound?

Answer:  Well you know it’s PGP (Pimpin,Gangsta and Party).  It is going to be J.T. Money, it is not going to sound like anything that is out.  I put in some work and it’s creative.

Question:  For those people who are unable to attend the Come Clean Tour, what will they be missing?

JT Money at the Fleet/Nerve DJ Conference 2015

Answer:  I am out here with the brothers and we are going to rock it.  We are going to go back to the classics and then
come up on this new game.  We have records together and they have records in the streets.  It’s showtime.

Question:  What advice are you able to provide to up-and-coming artists, about road blocks to avoid and how to remain relevant in the game?

Answer: Avoid being egotistical.  Cats get a hot record and think they have made it.  One (1) hot record  in your neighborhood, does not mean success.  Artists believe they have made it and begin to burn bridges and no longer collaborate with the DeeJays. You have to continue to put in work and do good business.  Invest in yourself.  Appreciate what you have and work what you have.

Question:  You were discovered by Luke, do you have any collaborations coming up with him or anyone else on the album?

Answer:  Yes, I have a collaboration with Luke, Khia and Shawn Jay on the album Pimpin Gangsta Party which scheduled to drop Friday September 18, 2015.

The album is well put together, if I do say so myself.

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