Business Man: Arthur Mitchell President of Urban Network Digital

Who is Arthur Mitchell

Arthur Mitchell is the President of Urban Network Digital (UND) and a successful author, who has over twenty (20) years in the entertainment industry. In 2008, Mitchell launched Urban Network Digital a spin off of Urban Network, as a way to support independent labels and artists. His book Music for Fun and Profit, is also geared towards providing the tools formitchell music professionals to advance their careers.

Mitchell has an extensive background in talent development, promotions and marketing, which has aided Urban Network Digital (UND) in becoming the gateway to success for many superstar artists, such as Beyonce and Destiny’s
Child, Ludacris, Rick Ross, Mary Mary, R. Kelly, Will Smith, Boys II Men and Kelly Price.  Due to his ability to open doors and catapult careers to the next level, he has been referred to as a legend.

Urban Network Digital has partnered with MIQ/Music Exchange Quarterly for its annual Music Entertainment Conference which brings hundreds of industry professionals under one roof, to share ideas, network and to exchange knowledge.  The Music Entertainment Conference is held in San Diego, California.  In the past the event has been successfully executed in Seattle, Miami and Memphis. Superstars who have performed at the conference includes Destiny Child, L.L. Cool J, Queen, Latifah, Mary J. Blige, Kirk Franklin, Lionel Richie un digital copyand Babyface, just to name a few.  BET, MTV, Universal Music Group, BMI and ASCAP are just a few of the companies, who have had representatives among the panelist at the conference.

Urban Network Digital TV and Radio are also under the brand.

Arthur Mitchell’s goal is to continue to create, build and develop ground breaking platforms to help others, reach and maximize their full potential in the world of entertainment.

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