Terrance Tykeem talks about his new film “Touched”

Terrance Tykeem is an author, director, singer and producer who has again gained national aTerrance Tykeem, Danny Glover, Access Unlocked, #AccessUnlocked, #AU, Danny Glover, Touched, Terrance ttention, this time with the release of his film “Touched.” This former NFL player, originally introduced “Touched” into the world in the form of a book, which he wrote in 2014.

Tykeem uses “Touched ” as a platform to bring awareness to the horrific acts of child molestation, which he saw first hand while in the foster care system.

The music video also entitled “Touched,” is explosive.  The video include some well-known television personalities, such as Eva Marcille, Chaz Shepherd, Ramona Rizzo and Mama Jones.

Terrance Tykeem was removed from his home, where he lived with his mother and placed into foster care due to her alcoholism.  While in the system, his mother passed away from cirrhosis of the liver.

“Touched” has been added to the Lifetime Network Movie Club and will be shown as four (4) short films.

“Touched” will also be released on Netflix as short stories.

Some of the awards Terrance has received, include the Spirit of Excellence Award in Atlanta, Unsung Heroes Award and Lucien Blackwell Guiding Light in the Community award.

The song “I’ll Be There” which Tykeem sings for the movie,  has been selected for the 2016 My Brother’s Keeper campaign.  My Brother’s Keeper was created bTouched, My Brother's Keeper, Access Unlocked, #AccessUnlocked, Terri J Vaughn, #AU , AUy the Obama administration.

AU:  How may foster families have you live with?

TT:  I was in three (3) foster homes.

AU:  How did you overcome being “touched,” after being in the foster system?

TT: I will always have the images in my head, of someone touching me. 

However, it was not as difficult for me to get over, compared to those who were actually sodomized.

Because I was a street kid and I lost my mother while I was in the system, it made me stronger.

My upbringing gave me the strength to overcome.  I had to raise and teach myself about life.

AU:  Who are some of the notable actors in the movie?

TT:  We had a wonderful cast.  Some of the actresses and actors in the film include Stephen BaldwTerrance Tykeem, Access Unlocked, #AccessUnlocked, #AU, Touched, #Touchedin, Terri J. Vaughn, Tony Sirico, Alimi Ballard, Shar Jackson and Denise Boutte just to name a few.

AU:  Is “Touched,” the only book you have written?

TT: My first book was “More Than One Flavor,” which I wrote in 2002 about interracial relationships.

 In college the white girls wanted to date black guys, the Asian guys wanted white girls and the black girls wanted lighter skinned black guys.

I researched interracial relationships and wrote about it.

In 2013, I released “Guilty By Reason of Arrest,” which is about the mass incarceration of people for money. 

I wrote “Guilty By Reason of Arrest,” after my run in with the justice system.  I saw how the prison system made a significant amount of money, by keeping people incarcerated.  

AU:  What else have you done to fight against the prison system?

TT:  Along with several well-known athletes and politicians, we did a video which T.D. Jakes was involved in, called “Familiar Faces Against Mass Incarceration.”

Originally when we began to focus on mass incarceration, people were running from it and now it is in the media like crazy.  

AU:  Describe your writings?

TT:  My writings are based on my personal experiences. Every one of my books, I can relate to.

AU:  How does it make you feel to know, that your movie will be a part of the Lifetime Collections?

TT:  That is not what making me feel good.  The affect “Touched” has on people, is what makes me feel good.

This film has provided people with the courage, to come forward and speak about their person experience.

“Touched” is empowering.

At each screening of the film, people have came forward and talked about their abuse.Terrance Tykeem, Danny Glover, Access Unlocked, #AccessUnlocked, #AU, Danny Glover, Touched, Terrance

AU:  Tell us about your NFL career.

TT:  I paid my way to college the first year and ended up getting a football scholarship.  

I walked out of college and walked onto the Atlanta Falcons and messed up my shoulder before regular season.  However, I still made enough money to do other things.

AU:  What projects do you have coming up?

TT:  Growing up I saw my mom get beat like crazy, which has inspired my next film about domestic violence.  

Veteran actor Danny Glover will be one of the stars in the film.

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