Comedian Shuckey Duckey speaks about his success in the entertainment industry

Who is Shuckey Duckey

Cecil Armstrong is comedian, host, actor and motivational speaker, who is known in the entertainment industry as Shuckey Duckey.  He coined, trademarked and obtained the copyrights for the phrase Shuckey Duckey Quack Quack, which made him a household namShuckey Duckeye and in turn, his supporters began to refer to him as legend. The popularity of Shuckey Duckey Quack Quack grew so fast, that in the new millennium, then presidential candidate Herman Cain, used the term Shuckey Duckey while he was on the campaign trail and wrestler Booker T of Wrestler Mania, also began to use the phrase during his shows.

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Shuckey Duckey and the Legendary Dick Gregory

When Shuckey Duckey was not making people laugh on Def Comedy Jam, Comedy Central, Uptown Comedy Club, BET’s Comic View or Apollo, he was able to be seen in gospel plays, movies and also the circus.  Shuckey Duckey had a small role in the movie “Thick as Thieves,”
which starred Alec Baldwin and Michael Jai White. He also made history in 2002, when he became the UniverSoul Circus’ second ringmaster.  The comedian was the organization, for five (5) years.

AU:  Before you became the “legend,” what was your ultimate goal?

SD:  My ultimate goal was to become a household name, which I did with the success of Shuckey Duckey Quack Quack.  Shuckey Duckey - Access Unlocked

AU:  What does the words Shuckey Duckey mean?

SD:  Shuckey Duckey is used to express disappointment or excitement without cussing.  

For example, if I saw a fine girl in the club or if someone came to me with some gossip, I would respond by saying, “Aww Shackey Duckey.”

AU:  What is next for Shuckey Duckey? 

SD:  I am in the process of completing a documentary about the rise of Shuckey Duckey.  

Recently, someone approached me about a role in a movie which was written especially for me.  So hopefully, you will see me on the big screen again.

I will continue to stay busy and relevant.


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