Business Man, Producer and Artist Jamiyl Adams known to many as Hellz Yea!

Hellz Yea! is a producer, artist and Fleet DJ coalition member out of Brooklyn, New York.  He recently released his single “Glory No Pain” which he refers to as a soul hip hop track, off his soon to be released album “The Essence.” All of the nineteen (19) songs on the album, were produced by fellow Fleet DJ member MouseTrap.

Some of the notable remix productions under Hellz Yea!’s belt include “Bedroom Boom” by Avant and the Ying Yang Twins, Akon and Lil Wayne’s “I Am So Paid” and not to mention, he frequently produce for Krazy Drayz from Das EFX and Sauce Money.

In 2015 Hellz Yea! produced, mixed and mastered “Da Streets Want Blood,” which was a tribute song to Sean Price of Heltah Skeltah following his death.  The single was released by group member Rockness Monsta.

AU:  Why the name Hellz Yea!

HY:  Prior to having the name Hellz Yea!, I was known in the industry as Equinox and then I shorten it to Noix.  Hellz Yea!, Access Unlocked, #AU, #AccessUnlocked, Jamiyl Adams, Fleet DJs, #FleetDJsUltimately, I changed it to Hellz Yea!, because there were so many artists named Noix.

Hellz Yea! Is not really a name, it is a statement.  I want to make sure everything I do musically and in life is a statement. 

My goal. is to leave a mark for others to follow.

AU:  How long have you been in the industry?

HY:  I started writing at the age of nine (9).  

During my late teens, I began to enter the studio with other artists and producers and that is when I began to take my craft serious.

AU:  You write your own music, what prompted you to begin writing at such a young age?

HY:  Once I felt the impacted from the first line of Run DMC’s Sucker M.C.s, I knew I wanted to make people feel the same way.

Writing was something I fell in love with and I was always good with words from a writing sense.

As I became older, writing became a form of therapy. 

AU:  Do you write for anyone else?

HY:  I am not really a ghostwriter but I have written hooks for people. Hellz Yea!, Access Unlocked, #AU, #AccessUnlocked, Jamiyl Adams, Fleet DJs, #FleetDJs

Every once in a while when I produce a beat or if someone ask what direction they should take, I will add a hook.

AU:  Do you play any instruments?

HY: I am no Mozart.  The only instrument I play and still fumble on, is the keyboard.  I came into the in production age, when there were MPCs and software.

I originally wanted to play the guitar and keyboard fluidly but when you wear so many hats, things sometime become difficult to accomplish.

AU:  When you hear people say, “real producers play instruments,” what do you say to that?

HY:  There is a difference between a beat maker and producer. It is a timeless argument and much could be said about it. 

A producer is more than pressing keys or playing the guitar.  Technology has made it easier for a lot of people to make beats and not necessarily be a producer.

AU:  How would you describe your style musically?

HY: I am a cross between Jay Z and Scarface.

As far as lyricism, I rank up there with Jay Z. This is not anything I have said, it comes from people who may have heard my music or seen me perform.

I come from Brooklyn which has a great line of MCs and I have studied what made them great.

Scarface has a deep voice and strong presences.  My voice is not as deep or raspy as his but it definitely has a presence. 

I rap from my diaphragm, like a singer sings and you can feel and hear it.

Performance wise, I am energetic and enthusiastic. I put on a show.

Hellz Yea!, Access Unlocked, #AU, #AccessUnlocked, Jamiyl Adams, Fleet DJs, #FleetDJsAU:  What projects do you have coming up?

HY: My album “The Essence” is scheduled to drop July 8th, it may be pushed back depending on the mixing processing.

On June 28th, I will be headlining a show in New York called “The Training Camp,” which Mental Supreme has been running and hosting for at least fifteen (15) years.

I am in the process of putting together a tour, so more details are coming.

AU:  Do you have a clothing line?

HY:  I am actually the brand ambassador for Pharaonic Brand, which is African inspired clothing.

Social media:  Hellz Yea!


Hellz Yeah! Mobile App:  Available on iTunes and Google Play Store (download it)








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