Huey P Newton Gun Club Co-Founder Yafeuh Balogun talks about the protest which caused B.A.I.R to retreat over the weekend in Dallas

Texas – Monday April 4, 2016 –  On Saturday, B.A.I.R (Bureau of American Islamic Relations) a right-wing organization had plans to protest Mosque #48, which is located in South Dallas.  Due to the efforts of the community which is predominantly African American, Huey P. Newton Gun Club (HPNGC) and the Dallas New Black Panther Party, B.A.I.R retreated.

HPNGC co-founder Yafeuh Balogun, provided Access Unlocked with some insight, about what took place.

AU:  How was HPNGC originally notified of B.A.I.R’s intentions, to protest in South Dallas?

Yafeuh Balogun

Yafeuh Balogun

YB:  We were notified on March 17th, by BBC.  BBC is presently producing a documentary on B.A.I.R, which will highlight their protest of Mosques, religious institutions and the organization’s intimidation of people who practice Islam, throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  

I believe BBC’s goal was to use HPNGC, to provide a boost to the documentary.

AU:  We were informed, B.A.I.R’s original date of protest in South Dallas was March 20th, what was the outcome?

YB:  The outcome was, B.A.I.R did not show up.  In my opinion, that is why it was particularly important for B.A.I.R to be present on Saturday, because they failed to meet their original date of March 20th.  B.A.I.R let it be known publicly, that on April 2nd they would be in South Dallas.

We used that time, as an opportunity to state our position and bring awareness to the community.  

We took three (3) days to galvanize the comrades.  

We also distributed thousands of flyers.

AU:  What happened on April 2nd?  For what we understand B.A.I.R was only in the area for approximately ten (10)minutes.

YB:  The support of the community was phenomenal.  The HPNGC was present in uniform and armed and we HPNGC protest BAIRalso had some plain clothes members, who had the ability to walk around freely.  

You are correct, B.A.I.R was only present for maybe ten (10) minutes and did not reach the Mosque.  

They had possibly ten (10) members present, to our hundreds of supporters.

AU:  From what we understand some threats were made.  Who made the threats?

YB:  We were notified that Jeffrey Frantz a B.A.I.R member, threatened to kill a member of the community. 

We let the community know, these individuals would be coming and they would be armed.  We also let the community know, HPNGC would stand in solidarity with them.

AU:  What was the objective of the HPNGC?

YB:  HPNGC objective was to monitor B.A.I.R activities and to ensure that our women and children in South Dallas were protected.



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