Glasses Malone talks about his new project GH2: Life Aint Nothin’ But

Access Unlocked – Glasses Malone is no stranger to the music industry, in 2011 he was signed to Cash Money Records and now he is an independent artist.  In 2014 he launched his own label, Division Media Corporation. This West Coast artist, has recently released his new project, Glass House (GH2).  Some of the heavyweights featured on the album include, Ty Dolla $ign, The Game, 50 Cent, Kendrick Lamar, Kirko Bangz, B.o.B and Baby Bash.

AU:  What is the concept behind the project?

GM:  GH2 is about me living life, having fun and being able to spread my wings. Now, I am able to become the glasses malone - Access Unlocked, #AccessUnlockedartist, I really wanted to be. 

Before this project, I was in a dark place and I used music as a form of therapy. 

AU:  Before Glass House 2, you had the opportunity to work with Akron, Birdman and Lil Wayne how did all that transpire?

GM:  I believe they felt the authenticity in me and they were able to verify, the type of person I was in the streets. 

People in the streets do get out.

AU:  Why the name Glasses Malone?

GM:  I have been Glasses for a long time.  It started off as a joke and people made fun of me, because I could not see.

Now, I have taken the name and built it up.  

AU:  The majority of the project, you produce.  How did you get started producing?

GM: I started producing to make better records.  If you have a song and there is a story behind it, you have to be able to make the music to tell the story. 

I believe it comes with the territory.

Glasses Malone - Access UnlockedAU:  How did you link up with Kendrick Lamar? 

GMKendrick Lamar is my little brother.  I have stood back and watched him grow into the success he is today.

Kendrick was on my third mixtape.

AU:  Why the creation of Division Media Corporation?

GM:  I created Division Media Corporation, because I wanted to provide the world with a wide variety of content, from visual to audio.

AU:  Any touring set up?

GM:  No touring set up at this time.  However, I should be on the road, soon.



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