Business Man: Music Producer Chris Cutta

Chris “Cutta” Baldwin is considered by many, to be one (1) of, if not the top producer, in the state of Oklahoma. His musical talents, began to flourish at the age of twelve (12).  When this hit maker is not producing, he can be found playing the drums, piano or guitar to sharpen his skills.

AU:  How did you get started in the music industry?Chris Cutta, Access Unlocked, Oklahoma, Producer

CC:  My entry into the music business began with Debra McCleary, who was a promoter from back in the day.  McCleary and my brother already had a working relationship, before I became involved.

One (1) day, Debra come over to our home, entered my room as I was making music and noticed my beat machine and keyboard.  She said, “you did all that” and I said,”yes,” then she said, “pack it up, we are going to the studio.”

From there, we went to the airport and picked up Larry Blackmon, the lead singer of Cameo and the rest is history.

AU: What drive your creativity, to come up with a beat?

CC:  Everything inspires me, from life, new music, old music, movies, or even the type of week, I may have had.

It is difficult to pinpoint, one (1) particular thing.  

AU:  How does it feel, when people in Oklahoma say, “Your music is not rocking, unless you have a Chris Cutta beat?

CC:  It feels good. It’s motivating.

 There are a lot of cats out here doing their thing, so I try not to buy into the hype, as much.  I still have a lot of work, I need to get done. 

AU:  What projects are you currently working on?

CC:  I am working on projects for Tony Williams and Oklahoma artist, Polo.

Tony Williams is also one (1) of my mentors and the person who introduced me to Kanye West, when I was eighteen (18).  

Chris Cutta, Pure Truth LLC, OKlahomaPolo is one (1) of my favorite artists.  He is out of the box and inspiring.  He has so much style. 

AU:  What do you contribute you longevity in the game to?

CC:  My longevity comes from my musicianship and my passion for music.  I enjoy good music, regardless of the genre.  The music could be, country, pop, folk or whatever and if it is good, I would enjoy it.

I sacrificed the majority of my twenties (20s) working on my craft, so I am able to deliver quality, good music and stand the test of time.

Music saved my life. 

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