Bigg Dawg C-Loc sits down with Access Unlocked to discuss his new joint, “She In Here Right Now.”

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Steven Dewayne Carrell who is known in the music industry as the legend Bigg Dawg C-Loc, hit the music scene in 1994, with the success of his song, “Who’s Gonna Ride,” off his record label C-Loc.  In 1997, he gained additional success with Master P of No Limit Records, who remixed Young Bleed and his song, “How You do That.”  In the same year, he also released the Concentration Camp Compilation. In 2000, when Lil Boosie was seventeen (17) years-old, C-Loc assisted with the release of his debut album, “Youngest of Da Camp” as well as the productions.

Bigg Dawg C-LoccBigg Dawg C-Loc is also a founding member of the hip hop group Concentration Camp, who also mentored Boosie in his success.

The Baton Rouge, Louisiana superstar has now released another hit, entitled “She In Here Right Now.”  The single is off his One Hundred Days project and has gained national attention in the streets, as it can also be heard in rotation on several radio stations.

AU:  Everywhere I turn, I hear your new joint “She In Here Right Now.” Is there anyone in particular, the song was dedicated to?

C-Loc:  When I created the song, I had a lot of people in mind.  This song salutes the chicks who are a rider, go-getter and those who do not have to depend on anyone else.

 I often hear songs dissing the ladies but from what I see, the chicks are more solid than the dudes.  

AU:  Who idea was it, to put the Shai sound into the song?

C-Loc:  EP my Baton Rouge producer, had the beat sitting in his computer for two (2) to three (3) years, because no one knew what to do with it.  When he played the beat for me, instantly, I had an idea for it.

AU:  In my opinion, your sound has definitely changed.  How would you say,  your music has evolved from then, until now?

C-Loc:  My music has changed.  In my earlier years, I use to do a lot music from the CEO standpoint or running a business.  This is the first project, I actually looked at myself as being the artist.  

When I enter into the studio, I develop my song(s) and delivery.  I also critique myself, as if I just signed myself.

AU:  Is C-Loc Records still around?  If so, what can we expect for C-Loc Records in 2016?

C-Loc:  C-Loc Records is still here, however, it has been renamed to CampLife Entertainment.

 On Instragram I started my “100 songs in 100 Days” project and everyday, I post a song which I have worked on, for that day.  “She In Here Right Now,” is off of volume one (1) of the project.

Six (6) more CDs will be released from the project, volume two (2) dropped March 26th.  March 26th was significant because it will be the same day of c the Camp Show, with Boosie, Max Minelli and myself.

AU: How does it feel, to be referred to as a legend?

C-Loc:  I appreciate that.  I appreciate people who pay homage, to those who came before them.  

When I created C-Loc Records in 1994 and put out “Who’s Going to Ride,” there were maybe only three (3) record labels in Louisiana, making noise. It was Cash Money, Big Boy Records and myself, servicing the entire South.  I believe Master P, was in California.  

AU:  How do you keep your momentum going?

C-Loc:  I keep my momentum going, because I am always focused on the consumer.  To stay relevant, the consumer tells me what is next or what I am missing.  

I don’t focus on rappers, MTV or BET, because styles always change.

Bigg Dawg C-Loc is also looking for good artists to become a part of CampLife Entertainment, to invest in and develop.

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