Stabbing spree in Massachusetts leaves two (2) dead

Access Unlocked – Massachusetts- May 11, 2016 –  Twenty-eight (28) year-old Arthur Derosa went on a stabbing spree yesterday, leaving four (4) people dead.  The killings began, after Darosa crashed a car on Myrick street.  He forced his way into a home, stabbing and killing a arthur-darosa-accessunlockedmother and her daughter.  Then he drove a car into a Macy’s at Silver City Mall, where he attacked more people, prior to reaching Bertucci’s restaurant which is located in the mall. A woman who was eighty (80) and a man who was fifty-six (56) were stabbed by Derosa at Bertucci’s.

Darosa was shot and killed by an off sheriff duty police officer.

A pregnant woman was among the people attacked at the mall.

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