Saturday’s Speak On It: I give her money but she don’t take care of the kids

I faithfully give my ex-girlfriend over a $1,000 dollars a month cash, to support our two (2) children and now I have a problem.  My problem is, my ex dresses like a million bucks and my babies are dressed as if they are going fishing and too dirty to slop the hogs.

To add to the already disgusting situation, she has led my two (2) sons who are eight (8) and nine (9) to believe, I don’t provide any financial assistance.

My oldest son recently asked, “Daddy do you love me?” and I replied, “of course son, never doubt my love.”  A few minutes passed and then he said, “If you do, then why don’t you help mommy take care of us”

I was so infuriated, I did not know what to do.

I sat there for a minute and finally said, “Son, I love you and I do help.”

Later, I was talking to my sister about situation and that is when she dropped a bomb shell. She told me, she saw my ex at the club during the weekday. buying drinks for her friends. 

My first thoughts were, who had my kids and that is where the money is going.

Please Speak On It,

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Dear What Should I Do,

It is so unfortunate, when adults involve children in their arguments or disagreements.  In a situation like this, no one wins because the kids are suffering.

I think you need to sit down with your sons and tell them the truth.  If you are a man who is handling his responsibilities, let it be known.  You do not want your boys to view you as a dead beat dad.

I also think you should come up with a better payment method.

I believe your first and best option is to place yourself on child support, for the appropriate documentation and handling of the money. If you are giving your ex cash, what is preventing her from telling the Attorney General’s (AG) office, you have never paid.

Sometimes people find out they are actually over paying on child support, once they file with the AG. The less money you have to pay her directly, is additional money you may use to purchase items for your children when they visit you.

The second option is, if you trust your ex enough not to file for child support, then you need to send all payment to her using your checking account.  This is another way to document your payments.

Obviously she can’t be trusted, because she is in the club being a diva, dropping it like it is hot and spending up all the money, while your children are looking a hot mess.

NEVER give out cash and always remember the payments you are making maybe considered a gift, if not handled through the appropriate channels.

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