Dynasty of DeeJays Interview with One Structure’s DJ Green

Curtis Westbook is known as One Structure DJ coalition member DJ Green, out of Lincoln, Nebraska.  He can be heard on 89.3 KZUM’s “Da Kick It Session” every Saturday night from 9 pm – 12 am.

He is also heavily involved in the community, as he continues to give back to the less fortunate with his annual backpack give away.  The event is held at the Malone Center.Curtis Westbook, DJ Green, Access Unlocked, #AU, #AccessUnlocked, #MR262

AU:  What made you want to become a deejay?

DJG: I became interested in being a deejay after watching my friend have fun doing it. 

When he had a gig, I would be front and center watching and studying what he was doing. 

After consistently watching, one day he put me on the spot and told me to play some music.  Of course, I had no clue what I was actually doing and at that moment, he took the time out and showed me exactly want to do.

With me being a fast learner, I caught on quickly and I have been perfecting my craft for thirteen (13) years.

AU:  What is the most rewarding thing about being a deejay?

DJG: There are several rewarding things about being a deejay such as, the people I have met, the venues I have had the opportunity to step foot in and meeting and mingling with celebrities.

AU:  Which celebrity would you say has “wowed,” you?

DJG:  It would most definitely have to be T.I.

In 2015, I was at the Salute the DJ Awards with the One Structure DJs and T.I. made a guest DJ Green, One Structure Djs, Access Unlocked, #AU, #AccessUnlocked, Lincoln, Nebraska, Malone Centerappearance.

It was one of those times, where I did not know if I wanted to record or just watch him.  I did not know, what I wanted to do.

I am a huge T.I. fan.

AU:  What advice would you tell an aspiring deejay?

DJG: I would tell them it is all about taking pride in your craft, always remember you are not deejaying for yourself,  you have to know your audience and play music according to them.

If you can’t read your crowd, you will not have a dance floor.

AU:  What has been one of the most difficult thing you had to overcome as being a deejay?

DJG: It would be my attitude. 

In my line of work, people enjoy telling me how to do my job.

People will request a song and if I don’t play it right away, then they will send their friends up requesting the same song. 

At that moment, it may not be the time for that particular song or others may have asked for a song prior to their request.

So sometimes people are not too happy with me.

AU:   How did you become a One Structure DJs?

DJG:  I met one of the founders, DJ Mr. 262 through a mutual friend and the rest was history.

AU:  What DJ projects do you have coming up this year?

DJG: I have a couple of projects coming up, first I will kick things off  with Warren G,  Paul Wall in July and two (2) shows coming up with 8ball & MJG in August.

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