Dynasty of DeeJays: DJ XXL also known as Juggla Vein talks about his new single “Weak Ideas Irritate My Ears”

Who is DJ XXL

Access Unlocked – DJ XXL who is also known as Juggla Vein, grew up in Los Angeles, California and currently resides in Chicago, Illinois.  He is also an actor, graphic designer, producer and emcee, with more than twenty (20) years in the entertainment industry, under his belt.  DJ XXL is the

Juggla Vein

Juggla Vein

Chicago manager for the international Fleet DJs, as well as a member of the Unseen Legion DJs. He is also the CEO of Street Gems Entertainment, which consists of Street Gems Radio and Television.

Earlier this year, DJ XXL released his single “Weak Ideas Irritate My Ears,” off his Extended Play (EP) project “City of Lost Angelz.” The song is produced by DJ Earl-e and features Inasoulbian MCs and Unseen Legion.  His follow-up single “What Happened to the Emcees,” is scheduled to be released soon.

DJ XXL recently announced he will be the co-host of “The Truth Talk Show,” which is scheduled to launch August 5th.  The show will air every Friday from 6 PM – 7 PM Eastern Time and came be heard on Fleet DJs radio.

AU:  How did your entertainment career begin?

 DJ XXL:  I grew up around it.  Hip Hop is a lifestyle, a culture. I was fortunate enough to watch the evolution of hip hop first hand, by being around several national acts.

Cypress Hill were among the successful groups, I had the opportunity to watch flourish into mega superstars. When I jumped into the rap game, they inspired me and to see them evolve was motivating.

AU:  You are a lyricist, break dancer, graffiti artists, deejay and producer, which one do you enjoy most?

XXL: I enjoy it all.  Everything I do is hip hop, it lives inside of me.


Bin Grim, Jadox and Juggla Vein video “Weak Ideas Irritate My Ears”

AU:  You are the CEO of Street Gems Radio, are you affiliated with any other stations?

XXL:  Yes, I am also affiliated with Unseen Legion Radio which is based out of Los Angeles, Fleet DJs Radio out of North Carolina, D.C. and Atlanta, Chitown Urban Radion in Chicago and New York’s GSN radio.

 AU:  How would you describe the lyrics we hear in “Weak Ideas Irritate My Ears?”

 XXL:  “Weak Ideas Irritate My Ears” is original and unique, it is the true reflection of the hip hop culture. 

Fleet DJs AU:  What can we expect from your EP, “City of Lost Angelz?

 DJ XXL:  You can expect to hear feel good music with a message,  filled with food for thought. 

There are a total of ten (10) singles, off the “City of Lost Angelz” EP.

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